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CB CycleBarn® 



I went from being a stay at home mom of three, who taught 2 indoor cycling classes a week, to running TheBarn, in less than one year.  


EVERY DAY, I wonder ... 

     "How did that happen?"


Well, it pretty much started with mutiny in an indoor cycling class.



January 2012 …

I had ZERO interest in running a business.  NOT MY THING.  NEVER going to happen.  NEVER EVER.


February 2012 … A DAY TO REMEMBER

Chaos erupts in my indoor cycling class!   Three riders race to to the front desk to get the last two bike passes.  Other riders battle, and I mean battle, over the fan.  Two people want it on.  Three people don’t.  Customers tell an instructor who is there to take the class, that she must give up her bike.  One rider claims my instructor bike at the front of the room for her own, before I even arrive.  Eight bikes, have broken pedals.  I find an extra bike on the gym floor, and I wheel it in.  It has broken pedals, but that's ok.  The rider is nice about it and offers to ride in her gym shoes.  She is just happy to have a bike ... until ... oh no ... she puts her feet in the cages. One of the pedals has a broken cage.  She leaves frustrated and angry.  I am heartbroken.


Twenty six people took that class.  Seven other people wanted to but walked (did not get to take the class).  All thirty-three customers had a not so pleasant morning.  I was sad.  It did not make sense to me, that the very thing that is supposed to be a stress reliever was the cause of so much stress.  And more importantly, why was I the ONLY person who cared that this was happening?  


That night, I told my husband, Chris, about my class chaos, from the morning.  I remember saying how much I wished there was a place, in San Clemente, where I could teach and really connect with the riders.  I told him how much I wished there was a place that took care of the bikes, valued the customer, and recognized that indoor cycling is a form of group exercise that transcends the physical workout.  All I wanted, was a place that shared my passion for taking care of the customer and recognized that indoor cycling can make a monumental difference in a person's life.  

When I finished my tale of workout woe, Chris looked at me and said, 

     ”Why don’t YOU open that place?”



    "No!  Absolutely not!!!  I don't want to manage anyone.

    I can barely manage myself.  I am an administrative TRAIN WRECK.

    I can't get anywhere on time AND ... I know nothing about running a business."


His reply really opened my eyes.  Chris said,

    "YOU have passion.  YOU can do this!  If anyone can ... YOU can!"


On Leap Day, our 20th wedding anniversary, I took a giant leap of BLIND faith and set the BarnWheels in motion.

November 2012 …

Nine months later … TheBarn was born!