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CB CycleBarn® 



Get the fit right and your Indoor Cycling shoes will last for years and years.

Unlike athletic shoes that wear out every 3-6 months, Indoor Cycling shoes can last a decade(or more).   Since you and your Indoor Cycling shoes will be  going nowhere together for a very long time, getting the fit right is important.

Before dishing out your hard earned $$$...
consider these 8 BARNIFIED awesome shoe shopping tips...

1.  Shop after you have taken an Indoor Cycling class
           exercise induced swelling is normal
           swelling can make a difference of one full shoe size
           shop at the end of the day if post workout isn't an option

2.  Wear the socks you would wear in class
           lightweight, breathable, and streamlined socks are best
3.  Adjust the strap closest to your toes first
           then work your way to your ankle.

           similar they you adjust a ski boot
4.  Look for a snug fit at the heel & looser at the front box of the shoe
           wiggle your toes, stand up and down on your toes, walk around
           your foot will move slightly more at the front than the back

5.  Try on one size up and one size down
           you’ll know immediately if you need to consider a different size
6.  Ask yourself … “Is this shoe comfortable?”
           All feet are not created equally.
           What is comfortable for one ... DON'T BUY IT.

Once you have completed steps 1-6, prepare yourself for STEP 7.

7.  Accept the fact that your new shoe will not...

            It is watt it is and you have to get over it.
            A cycling shoe will clash with...
                lululemon, onzie, liquido, everfitte, & any cute activewear

Armed with BARNIFIED shoe shopping wisdom it's time to shop shoes!!!
You have three options...

1.   Of course, here at CB CycleBarn® 
We aim to please and simplify your YES...
e sell Indoor Cycling shoes by Serfas at TheBarn for $115. 
If we don’t have your size in stock please let us know and we will order them for you. We will also install the cleat on the bottom at no extra cost. 
Sadly, at this time we only sell Indoor Cycling shoes that are not compatible with a CB2 fashionista "don't I look cute in this outfit" rider. 
So, if you are looking for a greater variety from which to choose option 1 or 3 may be better.

2.  Any local cycling shop                                                                  #keepitlocal

     We recommend...
         Cycle Werks - San Clemente    1421 N. El Camino Real    (949) 492-5911 
         Barn Customers are VIP and receive 15% off shoe purchases        

3. Online

When shopping online for cycling shoes you will need to know your Eurpean shoe size equivalent.  Shop for a cycling shoe that is SPD compatible and expect to purchase the SPD clips separately.

If you find a pair you love elsewhere, you can buy your SPD clips for $20 a pair at TheBarn.   Our friendly front desk staff will gladly install them.

And once you have your new cycling shoes and you are ready to clip in, here is a BONUS tip you need to know...

8.  Only wear your Indoor Cycling shoes indoors
     We have really FUN CB2 backpacks that are perfect for carrying your
      new shoes to and from class.  Ask the front desk and they may even
      just give you one!!!