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Fees are a good.  They really are.  
In fact, late cancel and now show fees are an important element to the success of a BookYourBike indoor cycling reservation system.

Occasionally I receive emails asking about these fees.
This issue is always hard for me, because I don't like charging fees at all.  It took me over a year of being in business to figure out that late cancel and no show fees are a part of the BIG picture.  It also took me that long to figure out that these fees are equally as important in classes that are not full, as they are, in our fullest classes.  

Here's WHY
When I did not enforce fees, people would book classes (sometimes, mulitple in one day) and would not cancel. Classes were literally, hoarded and then ... we would have empty bikes and upset customers. 

And now...
Here's what to LOVE about late cancel & no show fees

1.  Late cancel and no show fees hold you accountable to your workout
2.  Late cancel and no show fees keep it fair for everyone
3.  Late cancel and no show fees help us maintain our lower than industry standard pricing  
4.  Late cancel and no show fees motivate to attend your scheduled class

At TheBarn, we are always about the customer and we are always about doing the right thing.  

Charging fees is not about money.  
I enforce policy out of respect for the business and our customers.

I hope this helps riders understand the bigger picture and the importance of policy enforcement.  It has to be done to keep a small business running smoothly, for everyone.

The next time you are charged a late cancel or no show fee remember this...

      Even with an added fee charged to your CB2 account
      now and again, 
BARN IndoorCycling is the most
      affordable fitness studio option around.


* avoid late cancel fees only sign up in advance for classes you know are difficult to get into

Compare our prices to any other Indoor Cycling studio in the nation.
Nobody gives you more for your money ... even with an occasional late cancel or no show fee