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Rate of Perceived Exertion is a universal fitness scale designed to measure the intensity of your workout.  RPE is awesome because it requires that you check in with yourself.  It requires that you ask yourself questions regarding how you feel in relation to your work output.  

RPE ballpark guidelines according to yours truly (Karen Casler) 
  1.   Sleeping

  2.   Lying around/sitting on couch
  3.   Walking without purpose
  4.   Walking with purpose
  5.   WarmUp  
           intent to elevate heart rate
           closed lip breathing that is easily controlled
           easy to carry on an animated, high energy conversation
           sustainable "all day long"

  6.  Comfortable
          brisk/light working effort
          closed lip breathing that is easily controlled
          easy to carry on an enjoyable conversation
          slightly elevated heart rate remains stable with little fluctuation
          sustainable "all morning" or "all afternoon"

  7.   Comfortable yet Challenged
           working effort slightly sweating
           focus required to keep lips closed
           easy to take long deep breathes and exaggerated exhales
           easy and to carry on a light hearted conversation
           sustainable a few hours

 7.5. Challenged and comfortable
           sweating lips open to breathe
           talking in sentences is doable but not enjoyable
           sustainable a few hours 

  8.   Challenged and uncomfortable
           breathe quickens and breathes become shorter
           able to control breathing with focused intent
           longer/deeper breathe and exhale
           talking is in groups of 5 words or less
           "in the zone" fighting to maintain pace and not drop watts
           sustainable for 30-60 minutes

 8.5. Challenged, uncomfortable, working HARD
           breathe is shallow and short
           unable to control/regulate breathing
           talking limited to 2-3 words
           "in the zone" fighting against fatigue
           recovery AT or LESS THAN working effort is recommended
           sustainable 3-5 minutes

  9.   Uncomfortably numb
           winded fast breathing
           legs burn
           1 word answers
           100% focused thought on the effort
           barrier breaking mental effort to push past fatigue
           recovery AT or LONGER THAN working effort is recommended
           sustainable 90 seconds - 3 minutes

           breathless and winded
           cannot speak
           legs burn and threaten to give out without added incentive to finish
           unable to speak
           MENTAL STRENGTH required to push past this effort
           recovery LONGER THAN working effort is required
           sustainable 30-90 seconds

 9.75.  I MIGHT DIE
            … but I'm going for it anyway
           the explosive transition from 9.5 to 10  
           the final moment ... the "I GOT THIS" 
           the add of gear or increase in pace before an all out finish
           unable to speak
           occurs 20-30 seconds prior to failure

  10.  FAILURE
            ALL OUT
            100% exhaustion

            breathless & winded
            unable to speak

            unable to take a sip of water
            sustainable less than 20 seconds

            *A 10 on a scale of 1-10 is RARE.  
            *Any working effort sustainable more than 20 seconds is not a defined as 10