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Effective Immediately-Cell Phone Use Is Prohibited During Class

Today, I did something I'm not proud of.
I did something I never thought I would do.
What I did broke my own personal code of conduct and that hits me hard.   VERY HARD.

During the last song of my morning class, I paused the music…JuicyWiggle…

I disrupted the entire class by singling out one person in the back of the room and asking that person to stop texting.
I am sorry.   I am sincerely sorry to the rider and to the entire class I disrupted.   Rather than handle the situation privately, I chose to publicly and abruptly do the one thing I thought I would never do...
I put a customer in an uncomfortable situation.

The best way I know how to move forward from making poor choices is to learn from my mistakes.  After much reflection, I needed to what happened today in class to recognize that my lack of action in the past has caused many many riders to feel uncomfortable at TheBarn.  

So, tomorrow ... in an effort to create a FUN, safe, and effective class environment for all riders, CB CycleBarn® introduces...BarnRules.
These BarnRules are  based on the concepts of COMMON SENSE and COMMON COURTESY.
They shall begin with...
Please do not text, email, Facebook, chat, instagram, snapchat, or check your bank balance on your cellular device during class.
Rule #1 is effective immediately.

In addition to an apology, I owe today's texting rider a huge THANK YOU. 
I think that only you know who you are.  I want you to know, I'm sorry.  I also want you to know that you have helped make TheBarn a better Barn.  
For you, I will always be grateful. 


Karen Casler
Karen Casler
#WhoaBarnBettyBamBaLam #troubleisjustasongbypink #barnstrong #phonefreeoasis ... #ilikethatverymuch Thank you, Betty. You make me smile, make others smile, and you are always #keepingitfun
Betty Serrate
Betty Serrate
#iwasthereandihavenoideawhowastexting #therearenobigdealsatthebarn #thestudioatthebarnisofficiallyaphonefreeoasis #ilovekarencaslerbecausesheshuman Keeping it Fun!