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The Darkest Hours Aren't Always At Night...


The darkest hours aren't always at night...
                                                                                                                                  Black Stone Cherry

When everything else began to darken around her, our CB CycleBarn® instructor MelissaB, found
comfort ... safety ... and love in TheBarn.
Here is her story 

Thank You CB CycleBarn® Family,

Nine months ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer then a week later, he tripped while walking across the street breaking his knee. Given his situation he moved in with me and my family here in SC and I have been taking care of him ever since.

Last week, God called my precious father Home and his fight with cancer came to an end. My father was an incredible man, grandfather, and dear friend that will be missed very much. I want to say THANK YOU to Karen, theCB2 staff, and Every CB2 Rider who has taken a class with me between Nov 2014 to today.

TheBarn became my home, my comfort place, my safety, my escape during this overwhelming trial in my life and in my house.  Some of you may have known what was going on in my personal life and some of you may have not.  Regardless, you each played a role in the love and support I felt EVERY time I walked through TheBarn doors. The smiles, kind words, hugs, showing up for the classes I taught and riding with me helped me get through this year more then any of you could possibly realize. Every act of kindness you showed me sunk deep within my heart and gave me the strength and encouragement I needed to continue to serve my dad and family. You are each incredibly special to me and I can't THANK YOU enough for being you and riding with me these past nine months. Getting on stage in front of a crowd has never been a strength or comfort of mine but for some special reason you have made TheBarn stage a safe place for me to just be me. It is the one place I can find my smile again and again. For that I am forever grateful! I love you Barn Family!!

With much appreciation,

Thank you, Melissa for sharing what you have been going through on such a personal level.  

Knowing that our team of staff and instructors at CB CycleBarn® has made and continues to make a difference with all those who ride, fills me with a great sense of pride and peace.