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CB CycleBarn® 

Welcome to Karen's Korner!  This is where you will find all the krazy thoughts that run through Karen's head. So much has changed, so fast, since the Barn opened.

Karen never wants to loose the small business charm and the human element that is CB CycleBarn. Karen's Korner is Karen's way of staying connected.


The indoor cycling industry has evolved, and so have I.  KEEPING IT FUN, is simply, my approach to indoor cycling.   The KEEPING IT FUN umbrella, refers to, covers and protects all styles of classes and riders.  I embrace the fact that people define FUN differently.  The term KEEPING IT FUN, isn't saying that a traditional Spin® class, is not FUN.  The majority of my target market, however, is the person who does not prefer a class that maintains the integrity of the road, type of class.  Our studio appeals to a wide variety of clients, by offering a diversity of class styles.  If you want a rhythm class, we have that.  If you want a traditional indoor cycling class, that stays true to the road, we have that, too.  If you are competitive, and want real time leaderboards...BooYah....we've got that!!!  AND, if you want upper body with hand weights…YES...we have that, too!!!  Every class style is taught in a way that is fun, safe, and effective.  Our team of fitness professionals, who take pride in cueing safety, good form, posture, and pedal efficiency, along with proper neck and spine alignment, while riding an indoor bike. Each instructor is trained in at least one form of conventional indoor cycling.  My opinion is, that once a conventional indoor cycling foundation is set, it is ok with sprinkling in rhythm and movement.  We do not offer extreme classes like you see on YouTube, of people twisting, bouncing, and twerking on bikes (but… BRAVO, to them, for putting a lil groove into their stationary bike and creating their own brand of FUN!!!) 


Light hand weights, in an indoor cycling class, DO help tone and build muscle.   I've got the gun show, to prove it :)

As a fitness professional, I am NOT saying that adding upper body resistance training to an indoor cycling class is the ideal form of strength training.  I AM saying that it makes a difference, if you do not lift, other than during your cycling class and it compliments any strength training you do, outside your cycling class.  Most of my clientele, wouldn’t be engaged in a regular strength routine, if it wasn’t for our TotalBody classes.  Finally, I have yet to see any documented evidence of injury, as a result of lifting light weights while sitting on an indoor bike….and believe me, I’ve browsed the internet, looking for it!!!


As fitness professionals, I suggest we celebrate the increasing number people who have the courage to step into SaddleRooms, across the nation.  For many, they are nervous, scared, intimidated, shy, overweight, insecure and perhaps exercising for the first time in years…or for the first time, in their life.  By expanding the umbrella of KEEPING IT FUN, to include a variety of class styles, riders can find something they find FUN.  And, I truly believe, that when it is FUN, riders return!!! My passion isn’t exercise...its nurturing the minds, bodies, and souls of people.  I have built a place that judges no one and welcomes everyone.  It is happy and feeds the soul, in a world that can sometimes be very negative and has the potential to bring us down.  My purpose is to take my passion and foster a community of people, who uplift and help transform, one another.   I just happen to "get it"... that when you bring together a genuine love for people, an amazing team of instructors, dim the lights and turn up the music ... magic happens.  Until the American Council on Exercise comes out with guidelines that prove tapbacks, BootiePops, crunches, and hand weights are unsafe or ineffective, I will continue to dance on my bike … after all, I’m just dancin’.   It is FUN, for me … and as one of my most treasured BarnChicks says … "don't you automatically find your spirit, if you’re just dancin'?"