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Crystal lives for cardio and competition! After years competitive sports and NCAA Softball, Crystal was forced to give up her career on the field following knee surgery and a neck injury. During her rehabilitation, Crystal found Karen. Her first Indoor Cycling class with Karen changed everything. She was instantly hooked on the adrenaline of cycling and the challenging but uplifting atmosphere in class.

With the introduction of the Performance IQ software, Crystal has passed on her love of spinning to the Lady Triton Softball team—which she coaches! Crystal is a huge fan of cross training and loves working with young athletes to develop them for collegiate play.

Karen's classes are upbeat, FUN, energetic, and...of course...intense. She prides herself on keeping her classes innovative, well planned, and unpredictable. The energy Karen brings to every class stems not only from her passion for indoor cycling, but also from the opportunity to help people add a lil FUN, into an otherwise hectic day! Inspired by family, friends, fitness, and music.......Karen LOVES teaching Indoor Cycling!!! 

Music Volume:                   Very Loud

Music Edited:                               NO


Training:        Precision Indoor Cycling

                      Mad Dogg SPINNING®

                      STAGES Indoor Cycling

Outdoor Cyclist:                          NO


Vanessa is passionate about Indoor Cycling.  She quickly became hooked because of the intense workout to great music. She is very energetic and her classes are always upbeat, fun, and well prepared.   Vanessa loves music and enjoys creating classes that will challenge all levels and make the class fly by!!! Vanessa is a very personable instructor who will make anyone who attends her class feel welcome. Once you take her class, you will leave excited to take another one!
Music Volume:                           Loud
Music Edited:                               NO
Training:          Mad Dogg SPINNING®
Outdoor Cyclist:                          NO
Katie has been working in the Fitness Industry for over 19 years as a Group Exercise Director, Instructor and Personal Trainer. She holds certifications in Personal Training (ISSA) and Group Exercise (AFAA, Cycle, Body Combat, TurboKick, and Silver Sneakers). She is an educator with an MA in Education and BA in Psychology with a minor in Nutrition. Katie is passionate about health and fitness and loves making a difference in her client’s lives. Her experience, knowledge, dedication and energetic personality make her classes challenging and fun. Katie has travelled the world and lived in 7 Countries, but her favorite place to be is in San Clemente with her husband and 2 kids. She is an accomplished Equestrian but now rides bikes ... much cheaper!!!!
Music Volume:                           Loud
Music Edited:                               NO
Training:         Schwinn Indoor Cycling

Lisa is passionate about fitness and became a addicted to Indoor Cycling over 14 years ago and has been teaching for the past 5 years. Her music and energy drive the class and allow participants of all fitness levels to get a great workout and stay motivated; at times maybe even elicit a chuckle or two at her humor! She tries to put a name to every cyclist and greets them as old friends while always welcoming newcomers and making sure they are set up correctly. She is a true FEMI (FunEncouragingMotivatingInstructor) and the hour of works tends to pass quickly. Lisa also works in Finance/Accounting, so Indoor Cycling is her favorite outlet to relieve stress, be creative and get away from the numbers! In her free time, she enjoys the action sports lifestyle at the beach paddle boarding or in the snow skiing.

Music Volume:                   Very Loud

Music Edited:                              NO

Sonny is Sonny...and...TheBarn is a better Barn because of Sonny! Don't let his "Access Hollywood" approach to entertaining a class, distract you from why you get your sweat on! His classes are fun and his workouts are tough. Above all, Sonny's passion for indoor cycling shows and he brings a uniquely bright (and sunny) energy to class, everytime. Be sure to introduce yourself if you are in Sonny's class, because he is guaranteed to TRY to remember your name!!!

Music Volume:                      Moderate

Music Edited:                                NO

Training:        Schwinn Indoor Cycling

                                    Cycle Reebok

                                       Real Ryder

                      24Hour Indoor Cycling

Outdoor Cyclist                          YES

Jamie is a San Clemente native who's passion list, probably goes like this: family, friends, the beach, Stand UP Paddle Boarding, and then…TheBarn. She is FUN and brings BIG BEAT music, to every class.  Don't underestimate the POWER, of this pint size instructor,
Music Volume:                           Loud
Music Edited:                               NO
Training:         STAGES Indoor Cycling
                      Personal Fitness Trainer
Jen is nothing less than addicted to Indoor Cycling. She began teaching to fulfill this need and to help others do the same. Nothing inspires her more than to see participants in her challenge themselves to become a stronger rider, improve their form on the bike, and ultimately achieve their fitness goals. Jen lives in Central Orange County and is a mother of an very active little boy who loves to rock out to her playlists.
Music Volume:                           Loud
Music Edited:                              YES    
Nicole has been working in the health and fitness field since graduating from college with her B.S. in Health Science. She's been interested in health and fitness for as long as she can remember and absolutely loves her life because she gets to work in an area in which she has such passion. Whether it's in the classroom where she teaches high school health and a yoga class, in the gym teaching indoor cycling and personal training, or outdoors leading
her boot camp, she feels fortunate to be able to do what she loves as a career and hopes to inspire her students to lead a healthy lifestyle. On her free time she likes trail running with her dog Cooper (the best running partner ever) and has been enjoying the balance that yoga has brought to her physical and mental well being.
Music Volume:                             Loud
Music Edited:                                 YES
Training:         Schwinn Indoor Cycling
                      Reaction Cycle
                      CorePower Yoga
Outdoor Cyclist:                              YES
Kelly's is an indoor cycling instructor, group exercise instructor, beach girl, tennis enthusiast, and mother of 3.  Her teaching style is fun and nonstop high energy, from the moment the class starts.    Three things, are always guaranteed, in Kelly's classes:  FUN, SWEAT, and SMILES!!!                                                                                              Music Volume:                        Loud                                        Music Edited:                         YES                                        Training:                                 Schwinn                                                                                 STAGES Indoor Cycling                                                           Cycle Reebok
Melissa became hooked on indoor cycling 15 years ago. Fitness has always been important in her life but became an essential part of her daily routine after having her kids. She describes indoor cycling as " a time to relieve stress, have fun, and boost energy while listening to great music". Music makes or breaks a class... it motivates and passes the time quickly. Her love for spin and desire to help others to be the healthiest person they can is evident in her classes. People of all levels will find something to love about her class. Melissa believes that a consistent exercise routine is the best medicine and therapy for anyone. Her enthusiasm and spirit will inspire you, and her class will kick your butt.
Music Volume:                     Very Loud
Music Edited:                               YES
Outdoor Cyclist:                             NO
Training:          STAGES Indoor Cycling
(Showing 1 - 15 of 26)